Diploma in Implant Dentistry

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Diploma in Implant Dentistry

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Study for the Guy's College Diploma in Implant Dentistry over two years

The diploma in implant dentistry from Guy's College is a modular programme of surgical, prosthodontic and theoretical teaching which can be taken in either full contact format or part distance learning format, and combines the Implant Year Course, the Advanced Implant Year Course and successful submission of the Clinical Case Module.

Year 1 of the Diploma in Implant Dentistry

The first year of the diploma can be taken as either the Implant Year Course or the Distance Learning Implant Year Course, which is suitable for dentists travelling from further afield including non-UK based dentists.

Year 2 of the Diploma in Implant Dentistry

The second year of the diploma consists of either the Advanced Implant Year Course or the Distance Learning Advanced Implant Year Course. The second year of the diploma need not be taken immediately after completion of the first year where dentists feel the need to gain additional clinical experience prior to commencing the second year.

Clinical Case Module

The Diploma in Implant Dentsitry is awarded after years 1 and 2 and successful completion of the Clinical Case Module. The clinical case module consists of submission of 4 clinical cases presented to a high standard, demonstrating the abilities of the candidate to provide patient appropriate dental implant treatment of an advanced clinical level and surgical and restorative skills.

The clinical case module is an examined portfolio, consisting of 2 standard cases and 2 advanced cases, which should demonstrate the high cliical standards the candidate has achieved. Cases may be submitted that have been completed either within Guy's College approved training centres, or externally within your own practice.

Staged Entry to the Diploma

Candidates who have completed the Guy's College Implant Year Course, or Advanced Implant Year Course are eligable to convert to the Diploma. Exemption from the first year of the Implant Diploma may be given at the discretion of the college for applicants who can demonstrate satisfactory completion of other recognised training courses or appropriate levels of experience within implant dentsitry. The decision on whether to award credit remains solely with Guy's College.

Course Fees

The full cost of the Gy's College Diploma in Implant Dentistry is £11,500 + VAT (£13,800 including VAT). The first year is £5000 + VAT, the second year is £6000+VAT and £500+VAT is payable on submission of the Case Module. All three components must be completed and passed to be awarded the diploma. Candidiates who have previously completed the Implant Year Course or the Advanced Implant Year Course with Guy's College are eligable to enrol on subsequent components of the diploma course, subject to the college's rules.

Distance Learning Diploma in Implant Dentistry

The diploma can also be awarded on completion of the distance learning implant year course, the distance learning advanced implant year course, and submission of the clinical case module. Overseas candidates will complete the clinical case module within their own practices. The distance learning diploma consists of remote class teaching combined with residiential block teaching at Guy's College.

Award of the Guy's College Diploma and Quality Assurance

The Guy's College Diploma in Implant Dentistry is awarded by Guy's College Ltd and is quality assured by Guy's College Ltd. The diploma will only be awarded to cnadidates who have shown a very high level of clinical competance in implant dentistry. The diploma is a non-regulated qualification and does not provide CAT points and is non transferrable to other institutions such as universities.

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